Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cover Blurb for UnderSea

The whole village was dead, the people decapitated and even the heads of the children missing when Enna's team arrived. The southern administrator said they were pirates, but who killed them?

As leader of the team sent to stop the pirates who had been attacking up and down the coast, to Ameso Enna it looks like a warning, a deliberate slap at...someone.

Everything she sees tells her that the southern administrator can't be trusted, the threat still exists and those people were killed for a reason. They were not pirates.

When she questions her surperiors one too many times she's sent out to find the answers. Straight into a war between a 3000 year old blod man and a mad genetic administrator.

UnderSea, the Traitor waits to fulfill his destiny.

This one uses the Hook/MC/Event structure, but for an event that took place before the book starts (Hook/Event/MC). What do you think? Based on this, would you read the book?


  1. Is "...she's sent out with to find..." missing a key word? Your introductory/hook paragraph is a good hook.

    1. One more example of why editing is so important. I'd mentioned Noyyewan, then I took him out for the blurb. I've fixed it.

      Thanks for following this. Cover blurbs seem so much simpler than queries.