Friday, December 28, 2012

Cover Blurb for DemonTaint

Lady Motsu Inata

disappeared years ago. Found by a nameless woman in a cottage that moved from place to place on a daily basis, she struggles with raising and caring for children who are not her own and never seem to age in a timeless solitude that becomes more and more dangerous as time passes—time that the nameless woman, with the evil of the Demons Bay deep in her eyes, would deny entirely if she could.

When Kobi Sibir

returned from her two years of service to the blod, she was given one instruction by the Administrators--find out how many ameso there are so that the "infestation" can be contained.

The administrators feel that the native ameso, semi-aquatic shape shifters, cannot be trusted in the "human" lands. Kobi doesn't agree, but she must appear to acquiesse. So a journey begins toward the Demons Bay that the ameso call home. Toward the cottage.

Like all evil things, the Demons Bay must either own what is good, or destroy it.

There are two MC's in this book (in a sense) but the inciting incident also takes place about five years before the book starts. So this was a little more complicated.

It uses the MC/Hook/MC/Hook structure, but for an event that took place before the book starts (Hook/Event/MC). What do you think? Based on this, would you read the book?

The original post on the structure of cover blurbs can be found here.


  1. I might - depends on the cover. I'm very picky about books unless they've been recommended. A good cover will draw me in but if the cover looks cheap or amateurish I usually won't buy it.

    1. Most people do that. I'll have to deal with covers another day. :)