Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cover Blurb for It Takes a Village

Guardian of the Soul of Tien

Young Lord Orin never expected to be defending the infant princess from unknown enemies in a desperate race across the continent to the place where her father said she would be safe--a village deep in the wilderness of Linan, where the Soul of Tien would be protected until she could take her throne.

But the village is abandoned, the only remaining inhabitants the ancient forest of sentient trees which have their own oath to fulfill. Protect the Soul.

The fates of two kingdoms hang in the balance.

It is time for Lord Orin to fulfill a destiny he's never dreamed of; to die and live again, to become something more than human. More than just the Guardian of the Soul.

This one uses the Hook/MC/Event structure. What do you think? Based on this, would you read the book?

The original post on the structure of ccover blurbs can be found here.


  1. Hey,

    I'd read more and this genre is not even "my" genre :)

    P.S. thanks for your comments today. I could "hear" this is a subject you have passion for and I completely agree.

    I've interviewed several parents of autistic kids and our eldest was tested several years ago, but appears to be outside the *huge* spectrum, so I would never consider autism to be a mental disease.

    But the word definitely need to get out there...

    1. Thanks, Mark. A lot of people don't agree simply out of ignorance.


  2. Hey, Lauren! Catching up on my rounds as time permits. I'd, of course, read any of your books because I've enjoyed all of your writing that I've read.

    I was a bit curious though about the "...desperate race across the continent..." You mention in the blurb it's to a place where she'd be safe, but was the intent to simply raise her there and buy time? (I'm rather doped up on cough meds though so my confusion may be the result of that instead of the actual blurb.)

    1. Basically, yes. It turns into something more, or there wouldn't be much to the story. She needs to return when she's old enough and reclaim her throne.