Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spirit Release

It never gets any easier. I'm sitting here stressing, planning to release my second book on July 1 (Why do these things always coincide with a holiday?!) and I don't know if the cover's right and what if the editing isn't good enough, and I need to finalize my blurb and and and and...

Ad nauseum. I published Without A Voice in April (coinciding with April Fools, duh) and I thought I was over this. Instead I'm stressing even more. If I stress more with every book that I put out, how long before I'm huddled in a corner crying?

So here it is. Spirit, available July 1. Spirit is an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal novella.

Valerian (Val) Howell has no intention of using the Spirit skills she was born with, until she stands over the body of another spirit worker at a murder scene.

At that point she has a choice.  It's either use those skills or get flattened, with the dubious help of an irritatingly attractive coworker-turned-bodyguard who just might be working for her enemies.

She's tangled in a web of memories that aren't even hers, fighting an enemy she can't see with weapons she's never taught herself to use.

Why can't anything dealing with Spirit be simple?


  1. I can't wait to read Spirit! Sounds very intreging and full of suspense.

  2. It sounds interesting---images were already clear in my mind as I read the info about the story!