Monday, April 30, 2012

Lessons Learned #6

Be prepared to act. That was the hard part for me. I got to work after the decision had been made and my brain shut down. I still did my work, but my brain was using any and all means to keep me from writing that e-mail.

But when I sent it, I finally felt peace. I knew the decision was right, that it was the right time, and I'd stepped into the dark.

So the lesson here is that once you know what needs to be done, you're responsible for your action or inaction. You can't just pass that off on someone else and pretend that their actions influenced yours. Either it's right or it's not, and in either case it's your responsibility once you know it's necessary.

Lessons Learned #7


  1. Oh, and another lesson, although this one isn't part of the sequence...Don't just assume that something's been posted because you scheduled it. I should have learned that by now.

  2. Great advice! I love the Lessons Learned series. It is very inspiring.


  3. Thanks. I learned a lot, but I had to narrow it down for the blog.