Monday, May 7, 2012

Lessons Learned #7

It's easy to get caught up in the details--so many hours per day, income and blogging and social networks and e-mails.

I could spend hours every day working out blog posts or visiting other sites. My main reason for this isn't the income (although that's necessary or the "dream" will come to a halt) but to write.

Everything else is a sideline. It's hard to remember that, sometimes, when I read about online publishing and the requirement of having a "following" in order to get published. That leads to discouragement and other less interesting things, and I find myself doing things rather than writing.

More than just writing, I want to write well and to write things that people want to read.

So lesson 7 would be, remember the why. Remember why you're chasing your dream, and don't let the sidelines interrupt.


  1. The writing comes first. Everything else is secondary and even if you don't meet your goals by the end of the year you can still continue to fulfill the dream, maybe not full time, but you can always keep writing and submitting your stories.

  2. I have no intention of stopping. Even if I can't continue this full time I've still reached my goals--I have three stories ready to submit, three more in various stages of editing, and a number I'm working on. I've learned to work, to edit, I've learned to evaluate a plot. That will continue.