Monday, February 20, 2012

Technology Rant

My dad is an author. He's been writing since he was a little kid.

I just told him that he needs a blog, and a Facebook account and a twitter account so that when he is published he will have a built in readership to take to the publisher with him.

His response:

“Shut up.”

My sister is also an author. She's been writing since I badgered her into it about 20 years ago. She writes paranormal historical inspirational romantic fantasy science fiction. Say that one five times fast, then try to categorize it on Amazon. Ouch. She also does not have a twitter account, or Facebook, or MySpace, or LinkedIn or any of the other odd...well, you get the idea. My family is a little strange that way. She says, “Shut up.”

I think this is reasonable. Shut up about how I need a cell phone and I need a twitter account and I need all this other technological gobbledygook so that the publisher, when I get a contract, doesn't need to work as hard to sell my book.

Of course, with that attitude I'll be publishing my own books and doing my own publicity, which means I'll need a twitter account, and a cell phone, and a Facebook account...

I think I'll go be a hermit and send chapters down the river wrapped in cellophane. Then I'll become famous when someone finds all the chapters and puts them together and I'll get published that way.

Yeah, I'll go be a hermit.


  1. When was the last time you saw cellophane in the stores? :)