Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Does this make you want to read it? (I liked "Counter Cultural" :)

Discard what you know about a medieval society—put the peasants in charge, with an inborn genetic imperative to care for the aristocrats, and imagine the differences that result from that change.

The Clans would prefer that the blod remain safe and are more than willing to enforce that safety.  Their obsession with Lady Kupre’s safety leads directly to an action that could see her Clan servants outcast by their own councils—the death at their hands of a young blod man hiding in the nearby abandoned outcast village.

With no clues except the infant he had with him and the faded tattoos on the boy’s hands, Lady Kupre and her estranged husband must find out who he is, where he came from, and why anyone in such a situation would carry an infant with him, refusing the help that the clans would have been more than willing to offer.

The Elder Trees around the abandoned outcast village in Linan have an oath to fulfill.  Protect the Soul.  Those chasing the boy and his ward don’t share that obsession.

It Takes a Village is a completed counter-cultural fantasy novel of approximately 54,000 words. 

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