Monday, October 24, 2011


Where before I was taking an hour or two a day and doing as much as I could, I now have the whole day to do 2000 words.  I try to get the 2000 before noon. 

The focus is different.  When I only had a few hours and was doing the writing during my lunch and breaks, it was broken up and disjointed.  I spent almost as much time deciding what to write as actually writing.  Also, I was focusing on the writing and very seldom paid attention to the editing.  I was treating it as a hobby.

When I made my rules, I decided that I have to spend half my time writing and half my time editing, so I’m doing much better there.

Also, my stamina appears to be increasing.  Where before I struggled to get 500 words per day (2000 during NaNoWriMo) I can now do 1500 words without struggling and sometimes get as much as 3000 or 4000 words if I push.  Part of that is time, but not all of it. 

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