Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Response to Alice's question

I will figure this blog thing out eventually, but for now since I can't respond to any comments I'll respond with a new post.  :)

The tomato thing - I've been interested in hydroponics for a long time, but my early attempts ended in moldy seeds, dead plants and not much else.  So this year I tried something new - I went to a plant nursery and got one of those plastic holders that the plants come in.  Then I got a big plastic box and planted the seeds in sphegnum moss instead of trying to use string (one of my early attempts) or windowscreen.  So they were only in the moss, and a bit of the moss was in the water.  Kept everything nicely moist without waterlogging my little seeds.

I usually start my seeds between January and May depending on how fast they grow - tomatoes are slow, so I started them at the end of January and by the end of February I had a foot high jungle.  Then of course we had a long,wet (and cold) spring, so planting them out in March killed most of them and I had to start another batch.

They're in the garden and happy!  I need to try this with potatoes...

By experience:  Do NOT try to start zuccinni this way more than a week before you intend to plant it.  :)

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