Monday, May 5, 2014


I have this weird thing with gardening analogies. If you've been watching my blog you probably understand what I mean. I can take almost any topic and relate it to gardening, or plants, or trees. Or weather. Nature stuff. I guess I'm a Lander by inclination, if not by birth.

When I was in college I was asked to do a poster showing the way the brain works. My professor was surprised when i gave her a tree. :) Same thing in German, and English, the linguistics classes, the math classes, etc. Somehow I always managed to make it related to gardening in one way or another.

I do the same with my writing. I just wrote about 2300 words and the last piece was an Artison with a piece of lace done as a flower garden. For some reason, gardens and nature in general just get to me.

Every writer has certain recurring themes. They might not always be as obvious as mine, but they're there. Some authors try to remove those things rather than using them, resulting (in my opinion) in writing that is dry and devoid of soul.

The thing is, a lot of writers seem to think that there's something inherently wrong in putting their own interests in their writing. Interestingly enough, those who do this seldom become well known. As a writer I recognize the patterns, but as a reader I look for them.

Reading is a glimpse into an author's soul.

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