Monday, June 10, 2013

Priority Paralysis

This morning I'm distracted. I decided to finish up Spirit and get that out July 1. That's still the plan. However, I wanted to get at least one of the other Spirit books out at the same time. Not going to happen.

So right now I have Spirit (final edits), Dark Spirit (needs more work), Dryad (Finished--I think), Fairy Ring (Unfinished), the Wyre-Rat story, and nibbling at my attention is Let it Go.

A few months ago I self-published Without A Voice, and I've gotten requests for a sequel. People want more, which is both weirdly irritating and exhilarating. I don't write contemporary. I have never written contemporary. I don't want to write contemporary, but Mae's mother's story (Let It Go) just won't let go. :) Don't know where it will go yet, but it's started.

Which is why I'm distracted. Too much going on, between the four Spirit books, Let it Go, and all the other books that I still love but that need some serious help before they're ready to be read. It's priority paralysis. I'm going to write on Let It Go today, and do some more editing on Spirit. Hopefully that will make Let It Go release its grip on my brain long enough to focus on something else.

I've found that I can't have more than two projects active (one writing, one editing) and feel like I'm accomplishing anything.

How does your brain work? Can you effectively focus on more than one project at a time?

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