Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group

I know this post is late. Life has been a month to month roller coaster for the last two years, and it shows no sign of slowing. Right now I'm at the top of one of those roller coaster loops and somebody turned the power off so I'm just hanging there with my hair in the breeze, uncertain whether the car will go forward or back or just fall.

Life is like that sometimes. While I'm up here, I think I'll enjoy the view.

Something wings past my head on its way down. Oops, there go the car keys. Somebody in the car in front of me is screaming and fighting against the straps. I hope they don't come loose, but I can't do anything about it at the moment. I'm trying to enjoy the view. All the screams are irritating. Somebody snatches at their sunglasses, which twinkle and turn, twinkle and turn. I feel like a grub, curling up to put my head between my knees to get the blood flowing again. Human beings are not designed for this, being upside down.

Is somebody singing, or is that just the blood ringing in my ears? Grub time again. Nope. It's singing. A little breathless and wheezy, but singing.

My voice isn't at its best. Until some higher power decides to turn the power back on, I'll sing and enjoy the view.


  1. Roller coasters are a blast, but they can sure tweak your back if you're not buckled in securely.

  2. Great how you relate your life to a roller coaster. Best of luck with everything.

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  3. Hmm. I think I missed something. Will have to read your previous posts. Did you get a request and are you waiting for an answer?

    1. I guess it might seem like that, but no. I'm just caught in the usual mess, between continuing my "writing year" and getting a job.