Friday, November 16, 2012

NaNo Update (or downdate)

For the first time in eight years, I might not make 50k in NaNoWriMo.

The main storyline ended at 32k. I figured out before that point that I needed the antagonist's POV so that added about another 8k.

So now what? I need to read the story through and start the plot edit, that's what. That usually extends the story by a lot, and I'm technically a week ahead so I have time.

I'm sure it will still be short, maybe too short, but I'm leaning more and more toward electronic publishing so that won't really be an issue. If the whole story fits in 45k, why stretch it?

As for winning NaNo--I might, I might not. I hope I win. Not for the "prizes," but just because it's one thing I'm proud of. I have "won" NaNo every year for 8 years. Since 2004. I don't have a novel for every year (although I've finished others outside of NaNo) because those first few never got completed.

The Monster at the Heart of the Castle is loosely based on a made-up fairy tale that was mentioned in one of my other novels.

The fairy tale the Monster at the Heart of the Castle is the story of a young prince who was deemed unworthy to take the throne and isolated in a chamber surrounded by poisoned water so that he could not escape. With the help of a clockwork eye, he has seen and manipulated the politics of the Kingdom for the last 500 years, but now, looking through his Eye he sees something he wants. He's going to try to take it.


  1. Perhaps you just have a novella on your hands here? Nothing wrong with that. :)

    1. Nothing wrong with that at all. I'll keep working, and hope it hits 50k. If not, I'll be disappointed but it won't affect the story.

      I'll still like it just as much.