Monday, November 21, 2011

NaNo Update -- 34000 words

Doing NaNoWriMo really is different when I'm writing full time. I have other projects going that I'm invested in, my brain is working on those things and see's no reason whatsoever to become invested in another.

I think part of the problem also is that I started this one with an outline and now I'm working on it normally (for me, normal). It wanted to take off on a tangent several times, and if I'd allowed that it might have (probably would have) worked out better. Now I'm just bored with it. That's never happened during NaNo before. Although Lord Kayn is learning not to be a brat, so I guess that's progress

I think I need to either outline or not, but not both in the same project. So today I hit 36000 words (which was the goal) but I wrote only about 1000 words on my NaNo project.

Apx 1000 on other projects that I was working on previously.

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