Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm having a difficult time with focus.  It's not just me, I have to be aware of everyone else as well, wandering through, into the kitchen, out in the garden.  I tried to make my “office” as closed as possible under the circumstances, but it's still like working on a freeway.  I get distracted.  Someone decides the curtains should be open (since the room doesn't have a door) so I put them down and they get put up again.  It's hot.  I need a drink so I wander out into the kitchen as well and while I'm there something needs to be done right now.

I can't write in my room because that's for sleeping and if I have a computer in there I would never sleep.  I tried it for a while, and I went to bed every night with notebook in hand, listening to my stories and plotting. 

Maybe I would be better off spending the mornings at the library.  I've seriously considered switching my schedule so that I'm writing at night and sleeping days, but that seems a little extreme.  At least when I was working in an office people were willing to leave me alone and let me get it done.

I don't think anyone but me really thinks of this as a job.  I think they're assuming I'm just playing for a year.


  1. wow lauren sometimes i have that same problem like i cant get nothing done i feel you and im writing my own little story right now but, homework, school, and family are sometimes in the way.

  2. I know one author who gets up, gets dressed, drives around the block and comes back home to work. I write mainly when my hubby and kids are gone, usually between 1-3 in the afternoon. I've been doing it for ten years and it's become such a habit that I automatically go into writing mode during that time. I still have to remind my husband not to call me or come and talk to me during that time sometimes.

  3. Good for you, Jalissa! I'm glad you're writing. Distractions are just something I need to work through, and it's gradually getting easier.