Monday, August 4, 2014

You need a break

The other day I was rolling, in the groove, whatever your generation prefers to call it. I did close to 4000 words on two different stories and worked on editing two more. I didn't even notice the heat.

Then at about 3 my mother walks into my office and says "You need a break."

I know exactly what this means, and I think the rest of you have an idea as well.

Translation: "My computer is acting up."

I walked into her office, clicked undo and went back to my office. At another point it was a misplaced tabstop. Last week she decided she wanted to be able to look at two versions of a document side by side, so she adjusted the margins on both...and when she tried to print she couldn't figure out why it was so narrow. I guess it's just a good thing that she doesn't read blogs. :)

Sooooo... "You need a break."

As writers we put up with the people who think we're available as full time babysitters, we put up with people who think we're just playing solitaire all day, etc.

I guess it's part of being an "artist." What I would like is a break from being an "available for computer repairs" artist so that I can write. Because at the moment, writing is my job.

Although I did need a break.

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