Monday, December 9, 2013

Keep the Momentum

This time of year is interesting, from a writer's perspective. We're involved with family stuff, holiday stuff, all the events and celebrations that go with the Christmas season. Editors, agents and publishers often take a hiatus during the last few months of the year (although as I understand it the reason for that is because of the Christmas push) and there's a serious temptation to slow down on the writing or stop altogether.

I've done that before, but it's rather like driving a car up an icy hill: Once you stop your momentum is dead and you need to back up and start over. Even four-wheel-drive is useless unless those extra wheels can get some traction. If you have to back up it's going to take more effort and much more guts, due to previous spin-outs--you just may end up leaving the car on the roadside until spring.

Keep your momentum steady. Slow down a little if necessary, but don't allow yourself to stop.

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