Monday, November 25, 2013

Some People Think

And some people don't.

Right now I'm in the latter category. The day outside is sunshiny, last night was freezing (literally) and I am sitting at my computer but staring at the wall behind it.

I just validated my NaNoNovel. There's a feeling of letdown, as well as wonder. Letdown that it's over, wonder that I now have a complete draft.

Sometimes finishing a book (first draft, especially) is a jump up and scream moment. Sometimes I run around in circles and cackle with glee. Other times I just want to sit quietly and contemplate a white wall. Axon is a white wall story. I'll let it sit for a few weeks now while I work on other things.

A brief introduction:

A dedicated teacher in a futuristic utopia learns that the world is not what she believed when she is imprisoned in the virtual world of Axon after an accident. Nix's daughter will pay the price for generations of sedition and treason, unless Nix can break free from her coma and take over Axon.

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