Thursday, April 11, 2013

Laura Josephsen Book Giveaway Winner!

And the choice is between Beth and Lindzee! Put both names in a hat, throw the hat in the river and watch it swirl away...

OK, no more hat. Write both names on paper and then...swallow the paper?

Marbles would be harder to swallow.

The winner is...Lindzee!

Lindzee, let me know which book you would prefer. Rising 1, or Rising 2?

* * * * *

Rising Book 2: Rebellion for Kindle

Rising Book 2: Rebellion for Nook

Rising Book 2: Rebellion on Smashwords (all other formats)

Author Bio:
Laura Josephsen has authored several novels and works as a freelance editor. She likes to listen to music, watch sci-fi shows, and drink coffee. She believes there's no such thing as having too many socks. She lives in Tennessee with her awesome husband, imaginative children, and feisty cats.
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  1. Haha, sweet! I already own book 1 so I'll take book 2. :D