Monday, April 15, 2013

First Response to the Boston Marathon Explosion

It is human nature to see ourselves in the victims, to see ourselves in the rubble when something happens to others. It is this ability to sympathize and empathize with the victims that makes us human.

Those who do things like this are not human. No matter the reason, no matter the purpose or lack of purpose behind it, they have abandoned their humanity.

Whether that purpose is political, religious, or economic, these are rabid animals without the ability to see others as anything more than playing pieces on a game board. Damaged, sociopathic, and without feeling.

I will not play their games, I will not fall for their tactics. Nothing will stop me from seeing humanity in the victims of such attrocities.

As a nation and as a human race, we will rise above this. We will rise from the dust, shake ourselves off and move forward.

No one and nothing will stop us.


  1. SO very true! Humanity will rise above this terrible blow

    1. It's one thing terrorists (of any kind) will never understand. Humanity will always rise again, because we are capable of emotions they have denied.