Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Can

The post I put up Monday was insecure. Today, for Insecure Writers Support Group...

In this world there seem to be a lot of things to feel insecure about. Politically, socially, economically, spiritually. Is Writingly a word? :)

I worry about the world (which I can't affect) and what other people are doing to themselves (which I also can't affect) and I somehow forget about all the things that I can.

I can choose to get up in the morning. I forget I can choose whether or not to let the sun into my writing cave. I forget that there are people around me who want the best for me, even if they're not interested in my writing.

I can't affect that.

I can determine what goes into my writing. I can't tell the computer not to freeze. Well, not directly anyway (having fifteen spreadsheets, five documents and three browser windows open at once and then trying to watch a movie MIGHT make a difference there). I can't change the laws of physics.

But in my head, in my writing, I can.

I've been told that the trick to happiness is to narrow your "circle of concern" down to match your "circle of influence," but I'm afraid I go in the other direction. Through the things I can do, ignoring or working on the things I can't, I want to slowly expand my circle of influence. Some things I can do. Some things I will learn to do. And some things will remain forever out of my reach.

So today is for I Can. I Can write. I Can go out and play in the snow. I Can open the curtains and enjoy the day. I Can edit. I Can walk, and run, and laugh. I Can choose to walk away from it for a day, but I don't want to.

I Can't jump on a spaceship and fly to Andromeda (where they theoretically don't have the same list of can'ts) but on paper I CAN.

I like my Cans better than my Can'ts at the moment.

Even if it's just a Can of tomato soup for lunch.

What are some of your "Cans?"


  1. I think I can is sometimes the hardest part about writing. I love writing, but when I don't make the goals that I wanted to meet, it's all my fault. I'm the one who didn't work as hard as I'd hoped. I'm the one who chose to watch So You Think You Can Dance. That sort of ownership can be hard sometimes, but I can also choose to write.

    1. There are three sides to "I can." The choice, the consequence and the responsibility for the results. None of the three can be avoided.


  2. Love it! I Can write for half and hour and be glad of those few hundred words, even if I can't give my writing the hours that I'd like to! (I'd love to go and play in the snow but no snow here :-(

    1. I'd send you some, but the package might get soggy.


  3. I CAN! What a great way of putting it and how inspiring.