Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cover Blurb for No One Argued with the Mountain

The common knowledge said that one who argued with a mountain would find himself under it. As the healer for her small village, Blod Lady Ona had seen the results of that decision more times than she could count. Many returned from hiking the caves with no memory of what happened to them there, but with a fear of darkness and voices singing.

Then a young Blod lord returns with a partial memory, and Ona is forced to acknowledge that what she had always believed--about her own history, the mountain and her role--may not be accurate.

As if the young Blod man's return triggered something, the mountain begins to make demands. Return the one who escaped, or those trapped under the stones will die.


This one follows the Hook/MC/Event format. What do you think? Would you read the book based on this?

This is the last of the cover blurb series. Tomorrow I'm back on track with one a week. Maybe.


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