Thursday, October 11, 2012

Schedule for the next few months

Just so you know I haven't died or stopped writing.

For the next few months I'm going to be pseudo-absent from the blogosphere. I'll keep doing the blog here, but probably won't be visiting many of you.

I've got a lot of friends here that I visit regularly, and those visits will probably resume after NaNoWriMo.

In October I need to finish my newest novel, so that means 3000 words per day until the end of October, then NaNo starts. And if I'm really stupid (again) I might start another one December 1st.

If that happens, I'll let you know and I'll probably be exploding off the screen with crazy glee--for the first week.


  1. Sounds like fun! I'm itching to start my NaNo novel right now, but I'm using the time for editing and finishing some short stories instead. Can't wait! After Nov, I want to get back to another novel I'd started. Good luck!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  2. Keep those itching fingers AWAY from the keyboard! At least in regards to your NaNoNovel. :)

    I love this.

  3. good luck with NanlWrimo not that you need it.

  4. I can always use luck. Are you playing?