Monday, August 20, 2012

I guess I like writing

Oops, correction. I have been officially informed that I am on team Comedy, so I've removed the team Plot-Twist badge.

For some odd reason, I enjoy blog-hops, especially those where I have to write something. I really had fun with that frog prince, although I'm not going to let myself write the story. Not yet.

I enjoy the blogging, and the snippets, and the communication with other writers, and you'd think I was a writer myself as much as I get excited over things. Wow! Hits! Wow! Followers! Wow! Another blog-hop! And I get to write!! Yipee!!!! Which is way too many exclamation points, but I get to indulge myself once in a while.

You'd think I was that short story (or whatever it is), "The Diary of the Cat and the Dog". All the dog ever says is "wow, dinner, my favorite" and "wow, a walk, my favorite." You get the point. (I really like the cat, though. :)

I guess I just like writing.

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