Friday, June 1, 2012

What's your first reaction?

This picture is a composite I did of one of my main characters. I couldn't do full face because I couldn't find eyes that worked right in this scenario.
Full face her eyes would be set wide and almost on the sides of a narrow head. Her mouth is wider than usual and her nose too small, her ears just slightly larger than normal.

If two ameso are talking to each other, it's polite to stand off to one side rather than directly ahead because they have a blind spot in front. So what is your first reaction? Freaky? Interesting?


  1. It is rather disturbing. It almost looks like her eye socket has melted and allowed her eyeball to slide down her cheek. The features in and of themselves are not is the way they combine. (Geez, now I feel shallow...)

  2. I asked for your first reaction. :) I'm used to it now, but putting the picture together was interesting. It took about six hours, and when I saw the completed picture I thought the same thing. They're not human. I have a basic idea of the anatomy, but I wanted to be able to see it.