Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's been a year

I've been blogging each week for over a year. I've been thinking about increasing the frequency to twice a week, but right now once a week seems quite sufficient. People are used to that schedule, and as I gain more followers (Thanks for following me!) the numbers are starting to go up on Monday. And since there are more people coming on Monday than are listed as followers, I know there are silent watchers out there.

Thanks to you as well!

BTW, I need to apologize for putting last week's blog up so late. I was involved in a family crisis and I thought the post had been scheduled. By the time I realized it hadn't posted, it was early afternoon.

And it has been a year. In the last year I've quit my job to work on my writing, started a blog, started a twitter account (@laurenritz1, although I haven't done much there--I don't have a cell phone) and a facebook account (Laurenritzthewriter, since there are so many other Lauren Ritz's out there) but I haven't really done much with that either.

I started designing a web page, did a monthly blog post for Writingsnippets and participated in all of our interviews there. I've completely edited three novels, finished (as in beginning-middle-and-end) four more. Working on editing a total of seven, and I have five unfinished that I'm actively writing.

I only started two new ones that I haven't finished, so that's progress...well, two new ones that have more than 20,000 words. I put the rest away and I refuse to touch them until I have some of the backlog taken care of. Maybe. Unless I get bored. I have a bad habit of starting new novels just because.

My "Writing year" actually started at the end of August, so that's nine months, but I wanted to combine my nine month progress report with the blog.

It has been a very hard, very busy year, and I've loved it.


  1. That sounds amazing! It sounds like you've gotten a lot of writing done... I'm impressed! :)


  2. It's been an amazing year. I've gained a lot of new friends and accomplished most of what I'd intended.

    Thank you for following me!

  3. You've accomplished a lot! keep up the great work!

  4. Wow a year of writing.. sounds wonderful. But I am sure it was a lot of work. You have made tremendous progress, keep those dreams alive not matter what!

    Do you have a page that gives more information on your stories? I am interested to know what you write :)


  5. A great deal of work, but I still love it. That was one thing I was worried about, that I might get into it and find out I wasn't cut out to write full time. Didn't happen! Yay!

    I'm working on creating a website, but it's not up yet. However, I'm always in need of beta readers...