Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wierdly wired

K, day 1 of NaNo was weird. I was totally wired, but I went to my sister's house (I had to deliver: 1> Sprouted potatoes (go ahead and ask--I dare you!) 2> The jewelery set she asked me to make 3> A bunch of clothes 4> More sprouted potatoes 5> Other stuff that I can't remember at the moment) but I took my computer with me. Kept interrupting her reading to ask her more questions about the book I asked her to critique (ITAV) and only got 1800 words done on my NanoNovel.

So today I'm wired again. Up to 4600 words (total) and the goal for today was 4000 so I'm ahead of the game. In a sense.

I decided to use one that I tried to outline a while ago and got bogged down on the details. The outline doesn't seem to be interfering at this point, although it definitely did yesterday. I only did 1800 words yesterday instead of 2000, but I caught up today.

Tomorrow, post a snippet from your NanoNovel (or your WIP if you're not Nanoing. :)

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