Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I’m laughing at myself

I’m laughing at myself.  It’s absolutely necessary at the moment.  I’ve never thought of doing fan fiction, but this last week I couldn’t resist.  I’ve been reading Twilight (again) and I got an idea for a vampire story.  I won’t ever try to publish it, of course, but I’m enjoying the idea of playing in someone else’s world for a change.

It’s about a vampire who was a research doctor before he was changed (on accident) and started working on simulating blood.  J

Entertaining, and it fit in perfectly with a piece I did a few years ago about an insane vampire, one who was insane before he was changed and the madness came with him.  So aside from being a vampire, he’s a serial murderer trying to “kill” the one who changed him.

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