Monday, September 19, 2011

Killing off Characters

The other day I was writing on Demonborn and got an idea for where it was heading but I didn't like it.  I don't like killing off characters that I've come to love, or hate, but somehow I end up doing it simply because that's the way the story works out. 

I did that in ITAV (It Takes a Village).  I knew that one of the kids had to die, but because I didn't want it to happen I wrote around it again and again, fighting against it, and then it happened anyway, but not as cleanly as it would have if I'd followed the story the way it wanted to go in the first place.

I hope that I can get through Demonborn without killing anyone, but right now it doesn't look likely.


  1. that's a tough thing to do, especially if it's a character you like. They become like family to you. It's hard enough to delete your words, but characters are much harder to do away with.

  2. So I killed off one of the main characters who turned spoilers. :)