Monday, August 22, 2011


My schedule has been slowly shifting to nights, and I need to correct that.  I've been starting later, writing later, sleeping less.  :)  I guess that's what I get for trying to write just four days per week.  My brain wants to make up the time...

But I have been pretty good so far about spending just as much time editing as writing.  Demonborn is up to about 60k and the editing on Undersea is going pretty good so far.  I just keep wanting to write on one of the others, and I made a rule for myself that I’d only write one at a time—scattering has messed up my focus in the past.  But sometimes my fingers itch, and if I don’t write it down right now it’s lost.

When I finish Demonborn I need to go back and finish Underhill and Underworld before I start on the others that are itching in my head.


  1. Focus! focus! Look forward to reading these. Love the titles!

  2. Focus is a dirty word. :) But it's necessary if I'm going to reach my goals.