Monday, August 8, 2011

Announcement (sort-of)

OK, so that last one was the scheduled post and not my "announcement."  At least it's still Monday, even if late.

This is hard.

Some time ago I became aware that I needed to focus more on my writing.  A month ago I reached my financial goal and as of last Friday it is real!  Friday was my last day of work, and I have a year to prove (mostly to myself) that I can write for a living.

I've hesitated to tell people, for a lot of reasons that would make absolutely no sense to anyone but myself (and in fact I'm confused by it at times as well) but it's real.  Wednesday will be my first day, unless I decide to write tomorrow (which I probably will).

Today was just busy.


  1. I just read this--that's really cool, Lauren! Way to be bold!

    Most of the authors that I follow who make a living off of writing supplement their fiction income with freelance articles / copy writing. Is that something you've ever looked into? Hey--it may not be as fun, but it's still writing for a living. :)

  2. Absolutely. I'm giving myself a month to settle into the new pattern and then I'm going to start looking for other things - I figure 4 days writing, one day networking and one day doing other jobs.

  3. Wow. That's really cool. I'm rooting for you all the way. What are your writing goals for the year?

  4. A new book every two months, a book edited every two months, start querying at month three. :)

    We'll see how it works out, but so far it looks good.