Sunday, June 12, 2011

Maybe it's me that's twisted...

Yesterday Demonborn took off.  Got in 2000+ words for a current total of 26000 and the story twisted on me again. 

I love it when that happens.  I’ve never “outlined” a story in my life (or at least, not one that worked).  I keep reading these things that talk about outlining as if its part of the Writers Testament – Thou shalt not write without an outline.  I tried writing with an outline a few times, and the stories fell flat.  My stories are unpredictable precisely because I don’t know where they’re going until I get there.  It might mean more work in the long run, but the storyline writes itself while I sit back and chortle. 

Right now that word is in the running right behind Eclectic.  Eclectic, Chortle, Eclectic, Chortle…

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  1. Wow. 2000 words. Doesn't surprise me though coming from the winner of nanowrimo 2 years in a row. I agree with the whole outlining thing. I've tried it and I just cant do it very well. It's when I write my story that the ideas begin to flow. I'm a very visual/hands on learner.