Nine months ago I took the first step into the dark. I have three months left. No income yet, but no taxes either, right? :)

I want to write.  I know the life of a professional writer is not all its cracked up to be – taxes, unsteady income, etc – but I want it anyway.  I slipped once, told someone “that’s what I am” rather than “that’s what I do” but it fits so well.

I talk to other writers, and most of them hold down a day job as well.  I hold down a day job, and every day it feels more like it’s holding me down.  I can say I want out of the rat race (rats can’t read, let alone write) but that’s not exactly it.

I think if I got the chance, if I could bury the fear for a while, I’d jump at it.  Burn my bridges, so to speak.

I want the freedom to write what I see, to play in my own head, and get paid for it.