Educational (Math) files

I've created some basic math files in Excell that I want people to be able to use. I know there are a lot of open educational programs out there, but most of them seem to be aimed at college level courses. I wanted to provide something basic (perhaps for those who homeschool their own children).

Each file is designed with a page of math problems in each category that change when the file is reopened (or if you open it in Excell it should change anytime you make a change), a page of answers for those same math problems, and an explanation of how to work that particular problem.

Math 1 -- Basic math, single digits
Math 2 -- Basic math, multiple digits
Math 3 -- Basic math, multiple digits with decimals

I'm working on the more advanced types of math, but it's taking time. Let me know if you find errors.

Also note that these files use randbetween in the formulas, which is relatively new (2007, I believe). Older versions of Excell will open them but may show errors or may simply not change the formulas.

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